Halle is currently looking for Beta Readers and a Street Team for BROKEN THINGS, her upcoming debut novel in the Fallen Hearts Series.

Broken Things is a serial novel that will be published over the course of five installments. The complete collection will be over 150,000 words. Halle is looking for a reading period start date of 01/03/2017, with all comments back in two weeks, 01/17/2017. This request is for the last three installments in the series. After Halle’s had a chance to review everyone’s suggestions, she will host a Hang With Halle session to give every H-SQUAD member a sneak peek into the direction of the rest of the series and a chance to ask her live questions.

If this interests you, use the form below to join!


First, Halle will send you a copy of her novel in an eBook or PDF format. You will be receiving a fairly polished and revised copy that has been professionally proofread. Your main goal will be to read the story and highlight areas that you love, don’t like, or you believe needs more expansion (or shortening!). In essence, you will serve as an important part of shaping the flow of the story. In return, Halle promises to carefully review everyone’s input and adjust the story as she sees fit. If you happen to see a stray proofreading error, please feel free to point those out as well.


So, what exactly does a street team do? A street team is an integral part in getting the word out about an author’s books. To put simply, a street team is composed of enthusiastic fans that want to help promote an author’s work. As an H-SQUAD street team member, you will receive complimentary new release banners, website graphics, bookmarks and other freebies to help get the word out about Halle’s books. In return, each street team member ideally satisfies the following characteristics:

  1. Is 18 years of age or older
  2. Has a blog with a healthy readership of at least 50 subscribers (if you have under 50 followers it’s okay!)
  3. Has Twitter and/or Instagram accounts of at least 200+ followers (if you have under 200 followers that’s fine!)
  4. Most importantly, street team members must be true super fans of Halle’s writings and wants to help put smexy, heart-pounding romances into as many hands as possible 🙂

Street team members should check Halle’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, & Blog biweekly for updates and ways to be an active member. Generally, the anticipated time commitment is 10 minutes or less per week. During new book releases or Amazon promotions the time commitment may be greater. All H-SQUAD members will also be signed up for Halle’s official newsletter for beta readers & street team members.


You may choose to join the squad as a beta reader, street team member, or both! Simply fill out the following form and state your preferences. You will receive a response email from Halle after she’s had a chance to review your submission.

And as Halle would say, keep it sexy ladies!

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