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Fallen Hearts

Every woman wants romance. That’s right, every woman. And for those ladies who adamantly beg to differ, don’t worry, you just haven’t met the right person. Enter Fallen Hearts. The Fallen Hearts series chronicles the path to a soul love for each of the Grant Brothers. Who are the Grants? Five gorgeous, charming, intelligent, and wealthy West Texas brothers who have a penchant for stealing and breaking hearts. Sounds too good to be true right? They’re much too … perfect? Well, not quite. Halle likes her hunky men fabulously flawed and the Grants are no exception. Throughout the course of this series, you will get a glimpse into these men and the women who challenge, mesmerize, bruise (their egos at least), and ultimately change their lives forever.

Writing is a labor of love for Halle with each character conveying the myriad of emotions that one experiences when they are falling in or out of love. For anyone who has ever been in love, she knows what an exciting, heart-pounding, and potentially heart rending endeavor it can be. It is in fact a journey. Halle hopes that you join in on this adventure with the Grants with her debut serial novel, Broken Things. Broken Things is the first book in the Fallen Hearts collection and it tells the story of Tyrus Grant & Raven Delacourt. You can start by reading a complimentary excerpt from the first chapter.